Why Art-Loc® Shingles are the Shingle of Choice for Roofing Contractors in Marion

When homeowners in Marion are looking for a long-lasting, unique shingle for their roofing projects, they inevitably turn to Art-Loc®. As the roof is one of the primary exterior components of the home, it affects the home’s overall appearance and says a lot about its owner. It shows that the owner takes pride in their residence and cares about making a good impression in the neighborhood. But, with so many styles of shingles available – shake, slate, three-tab, and more – how do you decide which style best fits your needs?

Typically, there are three factors that impact a homeowner’s decision when considering shingles: look, features, and price. Art-Loc® shingles are – by far – the most unique and appealing shingles on the market. Their intricate diamond pattern creates an elegant look that intrigues onlookers and leaves them wondering, “Where did they get those from?” In addition to their design, Art-Loc® shingles come in a wide variety of stunning colors that are certain to match your home’s exterior design.

The vast amount of features offered by Art-Loc® shingles are unparalleled by any other shingle on the market. Their interlocking design ensures a tight fit, creating a seal that will keep rain out. They are also infused with an SBS modified polymer to create an elastic network that provides flexibility, durability, and water resistance. In fact, they’re so durable that they have earned a coveted UL Class 4 Impact Rating, meaning a drastic reduction in damage caused by hail.

Art-Loc® shingles are among the most durable and long-lasting on the market, ensuring that they are cost-efficient for long-term buyers. With a 30-year manufacturer’s limited warranty and a 10-year free service guarantee against leaks, you can be confident that they’ll grace your home for years to come. If you’d like to learn more about the features of our Art-Loc® shingles, call the premier roofing contractor in Marion: Sherriff-Goslin!